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Owner: Dawn R.
From South bend , IN
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Status: Active.
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Layla 's Story:

Hello, my name is Dawn and I'm a pretty proud person but when it comes to my children and my pets I'll go to the end of earth to help them be better.  April 18th,2017 I had to put my 15 year old Coco down , I live on social security and the money that it took to pay for that wasn't easy for me to come by.


On Thursday April 20th I was rubbing Layla's belly to comfort her because she has been depressed and not eating or drinking - I'm assuming from losing her sister Coco. Well during that time of affection I found a large hard lump underneath her last nipple towards her back legs. I applied for a Care Credit card to help me with the expense to take Layla to the vet but I was denied my credit score due to a big hit when I became ill and ended up on social security. I'm sure the vet will want to remove the lump and test for cancer. I'm not sure how much this procedure will cost so I called the vet and made an appointment and the vet tech said that its starts at $370-470 just for the surgery, and it will go up from there depending if Layla has to stay the night to be observed and depending on if this lump is cancerous .


So I'm gonna ask for at least $600 at this time and if things turn out to be more or less then this I'll come back and update the amount needed. Any help of any kind will be so greatly appreciated - she brings me so much comfort and companionship that I don't know what I'll do if I was to lose her also.  Especially with no time to heal from losing Coco, her sister and my other fur baby. Thank you sincerely for any and all donations that I recieve ahead of time .

                                            Sincerely, Dawn




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