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Owner: Barbara V.
From Medford, OR
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Status: Complete/Unfulfilled.
All of her lymph node are swollen and rock hard.
Suki's Story:

One of my dogs was having her sticthes removed by our vet yesterday.  That was a $1200 surgery that I saved 6 months for.  And, as he was doing this I told him that I am now saving for my baby girl Suki to come in for a check up because her lymph nodes are swollen.  I mean everybody gets swollen glands when they are sick, right? no biggie.  I just thought she was not feeling well and we would get our check up as soon as I saved up some more money for another visit.   Well, he made a very discouraging face and said to me Barb, that's probably cancer.  Long story short, it is a very big deal when a dogs glands get swollen because most of the time it's cancer. And if it's not cancer the news is only a little bit better in terms of life expectancy not in terms of cost of testing and treatment.  My girl Suki, was in the car waiting for me and her sister so the vet took a minute when he was done and came out to the truck and felt her glands on her chest, the back of her legs and the huge ones both under her jaws.  He shook his head and gave me a referrel to a canine oncologist in our area.  I have not made that appointment yet because I have no way of paying for it.  He said the treatment would run around $2000!  That doesn't include the test to get a diagnosis either.  I felt so defeated because I had finally saved up the $1200 for Molly to have her fatty tumor removed and that I was done with the financial crisis this had caused me only to find out that my dog that is especially special to me is sick and will cost even more. I'm devastated, Not treating my dog is not an option. And,  unfortunately I have no one that could loan me $200 let  alone $2000. I'm at a total loss.  The only thing I have to sell is a '99 suburban but then I will have no transportation. I will do that if I have to. But, I sure am hoping that someone can help me because I am overwhelmed and so sad over the fact that even with treatment I may still loose my baby girl.  She hasn't even been diagnosed and I am already crying everytime I think about possibly losing her. I am going to get her to a vet this week or as soon as I can get an appointment and then I will follow up with this post as I will hopefully know what is going on. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers in the mean time. Thank you!



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