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Owner: Erik J.
From New York, NY
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Status: Active.
Sadie needs a cystoscopy
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Sadie 's Story:


My name is Erik, and this is my 11 month old Ridgeback, Sadie. In my struggle to transition from military to civilian life, Sadie has not only been a wonderful support animal, but my very best friend. She is the most loving and caring animal imaginable, and has the absolute sweetest temperament in a dog that I've ever witnessed. 

Unfortunately, life is not fair, and my dear Sadie is sick. For two months now, Sadie has had a chronic infection in either her bladder or urethra. The exact cause and location of this infection remains undetermined, as her cytology and blood work were negative and her ultrasound revealed only that her bladder is situated extremely far-back against her pelvic region. Sadie will need a cystoscopy for a proper prognosis and treatment plan.

Sadie is too young and too perfect an animal to be given up on. She deserves to live a long, healthy life, but she will need this procedure (at least) in order for that to be a possibility. Unfortunately, after all of the money I've spent on Sadie's health up until this point, we are dead broke: Even my credit cards are maxed out with vet bills. To make matters worse, we were denied for CareCredit due to our now high credit to income ratio. 

And so we are here today asking for your help. Any donation(s) of any size that you might be able to give in order to help Sadie, will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you.

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All Chances complete 30 days after they are first Submitted for Verification by the Pet Owner. The reason they end at all is because credit card refunds must be issued if the funds cannot be raised and, therefore, the treament will not be provided.

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