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Owner: Kayla H.
From Savannah, GA
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Status: Active.
Smokey need eye surgery
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Smokey's Story:

Smokey is a 5-year-old Siberian Husky. Like most husky’s he is amazingly loving, stubborn, and loud. My husband and I would not change a thing. He is amazing in every way. We got Smokey as a puppy after our rescue dog Mishka (10-year-old male Husky) passed suddenly one Easter Sunday. Smokey was a blessing to my husband, Corey. He helps fill the void that Mishka left behind.  


This past November Smokey had an accident that caused some trauma to his left eye. He was playing with another dog and when both dogs tried to fit through a partially closed sliding glass door; Smokey hit his head on the metal frame of the door causing trauma to his left eye. We immediately noticed that he was squinting his eye and within minutes his pupil had contracted to a pin point. Seeing how we were visiting family and it was late at night, we immediately contacted the closest emergency vet. The vet examined the eye while he ran a few tests and told us that everything looked ok with his cornea. He said that we needed to see our vet when we got him home. She prescribed him a few medications in the mean time.


Smokey has since been seen by his vet and a specialist for his eye. Smokey’s left eye has a ruptured lens, large blood clot, and his retina is completely detached.  He was put on a list of medications and we were advised that the eye was completely blind. The doctor told us that the eye could not be fixed and if he ever showed any signs of pain the eye would have to be removed. When the specialist examined his right eye, "the good eye", he noticed that he had gestational cataracts and a retina tear. After multiple tests and everything coming back negative, he determined that the reason the left eye was damaged so badly was due to the same issues that the right eye has. He determined that we need to correct the right eye as soon as possible or he would eventually become completely blind. This means that our sweet, loving, and over the top fur baby needs surgery. The closet location for the surgery is in Atlanta, GA and it will cost $5,000 to $6,000.


I’m a 911 dispatcher for a small county near Savannah, GA and my husband only works part time at Home Depot due to him being a full time pre-med student. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to pay for the surgery ourselves and we are asking for your help. We would do anything for our sweet boy and hate that he is having to go through all of this. The Doctor wants to do the surgery within the next month in hopes that we keep it from getting any worse. We are asking $6500.00 for travel expenses and for the possibility that it might cost the $6,000. Even if we don’t make our goal anything will help. We will find some way to make this happen for him. For those of you who do help us out, no matter how big or how little, thank you all for helping us save what little sight he has left. It means so much to know that people care and want to see us help him. 


Update: earlier tonight Smokey had to go the the emergency vet because his left eye started to collect blood over the iris, they contacted his eye specialist,  he determined that smokey has secondary glaucoma which causes a build up of pressure in the eye that then pushes the fluids in the eye out. They gave him meds to decrease the pressure but the eye needs to be removed soon. 

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