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Owner: Dollie L.
From Springfield, PA
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Status: Active.
Needs surgery on both hind legs
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Bane's Story:

Bane is a 4 years old dog, who tore his ACL (Anterior cruciate Ligament) in both hind legs while playing ball in the back yard. The cost to repair this injury is $8,299.00. He is the best and sweetest little boy. He had a very tough beginning of his life.


A little history…On Dec 17th 2012, I was with my daughter at the veterinary hospital for our cat. A man brought in this 1 ¼ lb brand new born puppy that had been cut horizontally across his small body. He was cut with a scalpel,  so deep that ¼ of an inch more and it would have pierced his lung and killed him instantly. The man did not want to pay $300 to have the puppy stitched up and he said that the puppy was cut to make it bleed for bait in a dog fight. After some persuasion, my daughter and I took the puppy and paid for him to get stitched up. He required 49 stitches and strong antibiotics. We almost lost him twice in the first 2 weeks due to infection. We bottle fed him every four hours for the first six weeks of his life. We named him Bane and he became our baby we love him with all our hearts.  Later we found out through authorities that the guy that brought Bane in, was a part of a major dog fighting ring in the Philadelphia area, although, they could not press charges due to lack of evidence. Sadly, the laws here are very lax when it comes to Animal abuse


Bane’s favorite thing to do is to play ball and ride in the car.  He can no longer play ball or run around and sometimes he must be carried. I have been out of work due to a work-related injury for over a year and a half. My husband works in New York and commutes 4 hrs. each way from Philadelphia. We were in the process of moving closer since the daily commute is becoming too stressful. We do not have the funds for Bane to have this surgery. Bane is suffering with the pain because of our lack of funds, which breaks my heart. The veterinarian said the that if Bane doesn’t have this surgery, then arthritis will set in very early and he will be crippled. He has already been through so much. I can’t bear to see him in anymore pain. From the bottom of my heart, our family is asking for help to pay for this surgery. We thank you in advance.   

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