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How to register: Download a Hospital/Clinic Information Sheet (click PDF or DOC below), complete your Hospital/Clinic Profile, and return it to Pet Chance.


Pet Chance "Benefactor" Hospitals may choose to accept online donations to use at their discretion to support Chances. They may also use donated funds to support treatment for pets who do not have an active Chance. Hospitals listed as "Accepting Donations" are Benefactor Hospitals.

Hospital administrators: Click here to register your hospital.

Pet Owners: If your hospital is not listed here and you want to create a Chance for your pet, you can add a new Hospital at the time you create your Chance. The list below is to find hospitals that are accepting "Benefactor" donations. A hospital does not need to be listed below to create a Chance; nearly all hospitals in the US are welcome candidates for creating a Chance.
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Accepting Donations?

Veterinary Specialty Center of Tucson

Tucson, AZ

Veterinary Specialty Hospital

San Diego, CA

Veterinary Specialty Hospital (North County)

San Marcos, CA

Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Palm Beach Gardens

Palm Beach Gardens , FL

Veterinary Specialty Hospital of the Carolinas

Cary, NC

Veterinary Specialty Services

Fresno, CA

Veterinary Specialty Services

Manchester, MO

Veterinary Surgery Center of Sturbridge

Sturbridge, MA

Veterinary Surgical Center of Portland

Portland, OR

Veterinary Surgical Referral Center

Tulsa, OK

veterinary surgical referral center

Tulsa, OK

Veterinary Surgical Specialists

Tampa, FL

Veterinary Surgical Specialists

Tustin, CA

Veterinary Surgical Specialists

Tampa, FL

Veterinary Surgical Specialists

Chesapeake, VA

Veterinary Teaching Hospital: College of Veterinary Medicine at Illinois

Urbana, IL

Veterinary Wellness Clinic of Columbia

Columbia, TN

VetField Animal Hospital & Mobile Vet

Sunrise, FL

Vetria Pet Wellness & Surgical Center

Tampa, FL

Vets For Less

Federal Way, WA