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Owner: Amy W.
From Northborough, MA
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Status: Complete/Fulfilled.
Serious autoimmune disease: IMHA (immune-mediated hemolytic anemia)
Spencer's Story:

Spencer has been a member of our family for a long time. Our beautiful boy has kept our family happy for years, and recently (patiently) welcomed his little brother, Benji, with open paws.


Over the weekend we had to take Spencer to the emergency hospital. We are being told he has Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. His body has decided his red blood cells are the enemy. And his whole GI tract is inflamed as a result. They are gong to give him a blood transfusion and do further tests to figure out if the autoimmune thing is primary or secondary to something like cancer or other terrible things. They just don't know yet.


Treatment will likely involve steroids, possibly other medicines, depending on how he reacts to the steroids - and what else they find after more tests. The only good thing is that we are comfortable that he is getting the best care possible right now.


We routinely pay for veterinary care for our fur babies and are absolutely committed to supporting Spencer.  Unexpected surprises like this are not helpful, especially when college is looming.  Any support you can offer would be greatly appreciated - especially helping us to spread the word. The more people who know about this, the more likely it is we can get Spencer the very best treatment, which he clearly deserves!


[UPDATE 1/31/17 FROM Amy W.]: Spencer is hanging in at the hospital, he'll be there at least several more days. He's had 2 blood transfusions and has been started on an immuno-suppressant medication along with antibiotics, an anti-coagulant, and oxygen. He has a lot of inflammation in his body and they've found he rests more comfortably with the oxygen.  They are trying valiantly to get ahead of the disease.  Thank you very much to those who are able to help financially AND those who share this chance as widely as possible.


[UPDATE 1/31/17 FROM Pet Chance Team]: Now that there is a diagnosis and treatment plan we've updated the Treatment Amount from $3K to $6,000.  PLEASE KEEP SHARING!


[UPDATE 2/3/17 FROM Amy W.]: We want to take a moment to thank everyone who has supported Spencer so far, for your donations and for helping us get the word out.  Regrettably, despite the excellent medical care afforded to him, Spencer crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night.  He will be missed by many people and we appreciate all the sentiments and support we received this morning.  Once we have a final invoice from the hospital we'll update the Chance and continue to seek assistance in Spencer's memory. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to have given him the best possible care.


[UPDATE 2/3/17 FROM Pet Chance Team]: Pets are family. Thanks to you, Spencer received outstanding care.  Although the outcome is not what anyone wanted, your support enabled Spencer's family to say, "yes" to allow for proper treatment.  The financial obligation still remains.  We will update the Treatment Amount once the final invoice is ready. Please consider making a donation in Spencer's memory to support the family's decision to move forward with the best possible treatment.  And as always, please continue to spread the word. Respectfully -- The Pet Chance Team


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