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Owner: Shawn G.
From Rothschild , WI
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Status: Active.
Possible cancer or autoimmune. Still testing
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Samoa's Story:

As a puppy Samoa picked my wife 3 years ago. She was the biggest Bernese Mountain puppy of the litter. She was 20-30 pounds at 10 weeks and was the size of our cocker spaniel when we brought her home. It took us a few days to name her. My wife and I had been in the Navy in Hawaii and had named previous pets with Hawaiian names. The name clicked one day when we combined the big Samoan warriors in the Pacific with the caramel/chocolate coloring of Samoa Girl Scout cookies. My wife wanted to train her as a service dog for herself, a medically discharged Veteran, and to take to local nursing homes. At about 6 months she entered puppy training, then intermediate training and also advanced training. At 1-2 years old She was still too immature to pass the advanced training test. We were waiting for her to reach maturity this year at 3 years in January 2017. She weighed about 110 pounds at her last exam around November of 2016. Over the last year we had been preoccupied with our elderly 13 year old cocker spaniel who has a few old age problems. A couple weeks ago my wife noticed some discolored diarrhea in the snow, we dismissed it as we had started giving fish oil to both our dogs in their food. More frequent diarrhea and my wife looked up symptoms about a week ago. She called the vet and took her in the same day. Samoa had lost 15-20 pounds since her last exam and was running a fever. She is so furry that we didn't notice the weight loss. Numerous bloodwork has been done and X-rays finding some anemia and white blood cells off the charts. She has been to local vet and Emergency vet about 5-6 times already and we are ruling out things but the tests are getting expensive. We maxxed out our care credit medical card and had to ask for a credit increase. We noticed her teeth chattering and her whole body jerking in the last couple days. My wife drove 2 hours south to the University of Wisconsin Veterinary urgent care today because we need to get a definitive answer of what she has. We are leaning towards cancer and/or Autoimmune disease. Cancer treatment can be 6000-10,000 dollars.


Any help would be appreciated but if you can't help right now please repost this on Facebook, Twitter, etc

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